Since 1898


In need of a new pair of lenses? At Edmond’s Optician, we’ve been helping people in Maryland, DC and Virginia see for over a century. Whether you want some service on an existing pair, or need a brand new set of lenses, the technicians at our on-site lab will be able to help.

Protect Your Lenses With Coatings

Eyeglasses have glare from lights, and get scratched. These are the two problems people complain to us about the most. Luckily, they can both be avoided. When you buy a new pair of lenses, we recommend you opt for both scratch-resistant and anti-reflective coatings. These coatings will protect your lenses against damage as well as prevent light from reflecting into your eyes.

We Make Our Lenses In-House

We have an on-site lab where we make all of our lenses, this gives Edmond’s Optician an advantage. Usually, you have to go to an optometrist who will give you a prescription, then you give that prescription to an optician, who sends off to have the lenses manufactured. We perform all of these services at our Bethesda, MD location.

Years of Experience Crafting Lenses

The technology used to create lenses has changed a good bit over the years, but the experience and care necessary to do the job haven’t changed. Our team today is just as experienced and skilled as the original team of opticians that operated back in 1898.

Get a New Pair of Lenses

Whether this is going to be your first pair, or a replacement, Edmond’s Optician is here, and will always be here for you. We’re a family owned business and love helping you select the best frame and lenses for your vision and lifestyle needs. Contact us today to learn more about our on-site optician lab services, or come by our Bethesda, MD location.