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Sport Glasses

We all know that glasses can be fragile things, how many times did Velma break a pair over the years? This can be an issue if you wear glasses and are looking to play a sport. You could of course just take them off while you play, but then you won’t be able to see as well, and this will probably affect your ability. At Edmond’s Optician, we carry a wide range of glasses designed to be worn by athletes.

Glasses for All Sports

No matter what your sport of choice is, we’ve got the frames and lenses for you. Whether you’re a quarterback looking for some help finding his receivers, a point guard looking for a boost in their three-point percentage, or a goalie struggling to track the ball, our sport glasses can help you.

Top Brands and a Variety of Designs

Have a specific brand name you’re interested in? Looking to match the color of your frames to your team’s colors? Our frames come in all sorts of different colors. Stop by our Bethesda, MD showroom to see our frames in-person and try them on.

Famous Athletes Who Wore Glasses

There have been many athletes over the course of history who wore glasses. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar played in the NBA for 20 years, won MVP 6 times, was a 19-time NBA All Star, and did it all wearing glasses. He may be the most famous glass-wearing athlete ever.

Eric Dickerson wore glasses throughout his 11 year playing career in the NFL, and we’re sure he got a few scratches on way to his record 2,105 yards rushing in a season. We also wanted to mention fellow glass-wearing NFLer, quarterback Bob Griese, who, while wearing his glasses, had a hall of fame career for the Miami Dolphins, and helped them during the only perfect season ever achieved in the league.

Glasses for Both Rookies and Seasoned Pros

Are you preparing for just another season in a long career? Or getting ready for your rookie debut? Either way, we’ve got a lot of experience working with both rookies and pros. We carry frames that can fit all ages. Don’t struggle to see the ball, puck, shuttlecock, or whatever you play with, anymore!