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Glass wearers have long known the struggle of not being able to wear sunglasses. It’s a little hard to wear a pair of sunglasses if you’re already wearing your eyeglasses. Luckily nowadays you can get a pair of prescription sunglasses. We carry a number of different frames and can create prescription sunglass lenses at our on-site lab.

Sunglass Frames of All Kinds

We all have different fashion senses, which is why we carry a large variety of sunglass frame designs. No matter what style you’re looking for, we know you can find it in our showroom. 

Our Frames Are Built to Last

In our showroom, you’ll only find the highest quality frames. We know how important your glasses are, and we know they need to last, which is why we refuse to sell any junk brands. We carry only the highest quality and most well-respected brands. Stop by our showroom to try some on or check some out.

Opt for an Anti-Reflective Coating on the Backside of Your Lenses

Sunglasses block most light from coming into your eyes, but do you ever have a problem seeing the reflection of your eyes in your glasses? If so, you could benefit from a backside anti-reflective coating. This coating will remove the reflection of your eyes, and help you see a little more clearly.

Get Your New Sunglasses from a Respected Dealer

Over all of our years in business, we’ve sold a good deal of lenses and frames, for both regular glasses and sunglasses. We know we have the perfect pair of sunglasses for you. Stop by our Bethesda, MD showroom and check them out in person.